2011 Demo

by Jagged Visions

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released May 21, 2011


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Track Name: Eternal Witness (Rough Mix/Demo Version)
These wounds are too deep. despair settles far within me. i cant hold on and i cannot break free. ive tried to be helped. ive tried to save myself but these wounds are too deep and hatred has consumed all of me. infected, cursed, by this disease. hatred has consumed all of me. searching for the answers. a cure to this disease. lost within. searching endlessly. death will always be by your side. keep me alive. eternal witness to your whole demise. agent of the pain. that youll feel your entire fucking life. youll feel the pain for the rest of your fucking life. youll feel the pain, face down, in your own blood. death will always be by your side.
Track Name: Horizons End (Demo Version)
This culture is a fucking a disease. The best set upon the earth. In order to save it all. We must kill them all. Every last one. Kill them all. Every fucking one. We are not humanity. We are not the choosen race. Certain death the only outcome. Extinction our only fate. Destroy us all or destroy the world. Rest in peace or burn in fire. Victims of thos abomanation. A nightmare of our own creation. Total human annihilation. Now.
Track Name: Crucible of Worlds (Demo Version)
Millions have perished, impaled on stakes. Mothers were tortured, daughters were raped. Children were slaughtered, murdered in bed. Because of your faith countless are dead. Down on your knees you pray for salvation with no remorse for the lives you have taken. Death to believe rs all must die. Death to religion and all of its lies. Youre all alone. Judgement day/night has come. Down on your knees. Look what youve become.