Beyond The Serpent's Touch

by Jagged Visions

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released April 1, 2014

Kyle Naumec - Vocals
Ryan White - Drums
Kenny Kalanick - Bass
Bartek Alberski - Guitar
Chris Pecoraro - Guitar

Recorded at Silver Bullet Studios
Engineered by: Greg Thomas
Mixed by: Greg Thomas
Mastered by: Bill Henderson

Artwork: Jacob Abernathy


all rights reserved


Track Name: Dogs
Destruction of all that you know
The end of days, you reap what you sow
Pestilence consuming all that you love.
No hope for life as death reigns from above
Denial of the body and soul.
Bloodlet the mind it bleeds what it holds
Devour all knowledge from pain. Imprisoned in filth as you sleep in your own grave
Suffering your final moments,
No escape from life, through blood reborn
You knew these actions would live to haunt you
Suffering, slowly you rot as the end begins.
Digging holes for the loose ends we’ve tied
Setting fires honours friends who have died
A cold body that you’ve left behind
A long struggle to be buried alive
Cross of blood. Thrice I will do. That this body may fear me
So I can break right through….this death I will be born again
Unto the form of truth.
Reach beyond the constraints of this flesh
Feast upon the 9 truths of death
And still you won’t know why
Wait to be slaughtered by the lie
Everything you need is supplied. You’ve chosen what you’ve been denied.
I’ve earned my death, now forsaken to live amongst men
Suffering everyday awaiting the end
Slowly you fucking rot, wide awake, as the end begins.
Humanity enslaved by rhetoric
Screaming at the dogs, tantrums of despair
The least stupid, ecstasy’s elect.
Flee the herd every chance we get.
Track Name: Crucible of Worlds
Millions have perished. Impaled on stakes.
Mother’s are tortured, daughters are raped.
Children are slaughtered, murdered in bed.
Because of your faith, countless are dead.
Down on your knees, you pray for salvation.
With no remorse for the lives
You’ve taken
Death to these demons, all must die.
Death to religion and all of it’s lies.
You’re all alone, judgement day has come.
Down on your knees, look what you’ve become.
Track Name: Amongst the Dead
They plan to kill all who disobey
The new world law
So fed up with this country we’re living in.
No respect for the average fucking citizen
Born to lose in this world of pain
As we sink beneath the waves of hate
Caged, but free.
That’s the lie that they’re telling me
Those sworn to protect us
They’re the true enemy
Stand your ground before its taken away
Stand and fight or die as a fucking slave
Fight for your rights
They plan to kill all who disobey…fight for your life.
Disarm and divide the masses
Demonize all patriotic factions
Exterminate all those who resist
To crush the will of all the rest
This earth is fuckin' rotten, they plottin’ cataclysm
Bad religion, evil image through a jagged vision
Shattered society, depression to anxiety
A fake puppet at the podium who lie to me
This earth is fuckin' rotten, it’s fuckin’ rotten, yo
They’ll never stop me with this microphone I'm rockin' though
This earth is fuckin' rotten, it’s fuckin’ rotten, kid
Watch the lies spread amongst the dead
Arm yourself as these streets turn red
Ascend and destroy
The unarmed, the unaware, the uninformed
Taken out like fools
The unarmed, the unaware, the uninformed
Taken out
The writing was on the wall
The weak die first