Black Sun Zenith

by Jagged Visions

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Recorded at Silver Bullet Studios
Engineered by: Greg Thomas
Mixed by: Greg Thomas
Mastered by: Bill Henderson
Artwork: Jacob Abernathy


released July 28, 2016

Kyle Naumec - Vocals
Ryan White - Drums
Kenny Kalanick - Bass
Bartek Alberski - Guitar


all rights reserved


Track Name: Deus Vult
Beyond this death, awaits the oath of Kin. Carved in soul and flesh, old blood reborn again.
Track Name: Black Sun Zenith
Additional Vocals:
Sean Niland
Kenny Kalanick
Gregory Thomas

The beast struggles for its breath.
Denying death, blood fills the lungs.
Defy the madness of the end.
Exhume the soul of man.
Black sun zenith.
Entombed within flesh.
Bitter dusk reveals the crypt of dawn.
Blood of earth, blood of sky.
Three were formed, the third divine.
Golden kings to rule savage hands.
Strength unleashed on untamed lands.
Bloodworms born within ocean deep, fire forged veins.
Iron roots, dormant seeds.
Eternal life guaranteed.
Claw of the bear, fang of the wolf.
Mind of the gods, blood soaked earth.
Black sun zenith.
I sit on a throne of bone and blood.
Carved out of every traitor in my wake.
Track Name: Return of Man
Additional Vocals:
Kenny Kalanick

Natures law will prevail, only the strong will survive and the weak are already dead. Perversion rules this world we live in. No respect for the life were given. Freakishness is now the normalcy. Degeneration of all morality. Ancient values must not be forgot. Live with honor or the soul is lost. Strength of the mind body and soul. Reject frailty. Natures law will prevail. Only the strong will survive. All hail: the coming dawn. All hail: the return of man.
Track Name: Gods of Filth
Additional Vocals:
Dan Longo
Jonathan Lhaubouet
MC Johnny Wae

The enemy is the one who controls
What you see and what you read.
Corrupting moral values
But they haven't deceived me.
My eyes stay open because my souls not stolen.
I'll scream the truth until my throat burst open.
Comfort keeps the mind defeated.
Consumption keeps you bleeding.
Who's in control behind the scenes?
Who's in control of your dreams?
Gods of filth. Destroyers of creativity.

The serpents nest lays within the coin. Lies within the coin.
To defeat them we must live outside the illusion, crush the lies. Reject the filth and the shackles will fade.
Gods of filth, your time has come to burn.
Gods of filth your time has come. Burn the serpents within the coin.
Track Name: Show No Mercy
Additional Vocals:
Mike Marino

Show no mercy for those who threaten what you love:
Blood. Earth. Honour.
We'll never back down,
That's who we are.
We'll crush the fools who stand in our path.
We embrace the pride that sets us apart.
We'll never suppress the hate that we hold in our hearts.
For Blood and Earth and Honour:
We'll never back down.
Never suppress the hate.
The hate gives us strength.
We'll crush the fools who dare stand in our fucking way.
Show no mercy.
Track Name: Shield Anvil
Additional Vocals:
Luke Allen
Peter Morecy
Ryan White

All we have we give to this.
Hardcore for life, always represent.
Fuck the rules of the outside world.
This is how we choose to live.

I owe it all to this fucking scene.
All my friends, all my memories.
I have to give back for all that I gained
I'll protect this with my blood, and all of my strength.

This is our life, creating this future.
With Honour and Pride, we secure our legacy.
Handed down from the old to the new.
Start to finish we remain true.
Live in die by these words we say.
Remain loyal until the end of days.

To those who built the scene, all who came before, nothing but respect for me.
I'll do all in my power to keep this alive until the final hour.

This is our life, creating this future.
With Honour and Pride, we secure our legacy.
Handed down from the old to the new.
Start to finish we remain true.
Live in die by these words we say.
Remain loyal until the end of days.

All we have we give to this, hardcore for life.

A sea of brothers in the flames of hell. Burning lies with the empty shells.
We'll never know the degradation that's yours.
A body feeding on its open sores.
Track Name: Mind Slaver
Additional Vocals:
Paul Thorstenson
Jay Petagine
Kiel Van
Kenny Kalanick
Ryan White

Strap your face to the God box. Work a never-ending shift and die at your desk. I dance to your recorded conversations and hurl insults at you from my subterranean world. Shove a fork in both eyes and set fire to your brain, smear the ashes on a mirror, cut it up like cocaine. We get high on your pain. We celebrate your tragedy insulted by anonymity, but you can't hide from me.
Inject your life's blood into the abyss
We laugh as you pull back the syringe
And your life...
His guillotine (fails) will bleed them weak. (twitching) With them dies your never ending lie (fails). twitching. A living prison. A wireless slave. A whore to the screen.
Strangle the mind.
Something plugged in my ear. A Ceti eels what I fear. (Slaver) It was a mind slaver. Mind slaver. Head check your behavior.
Overstimulation. A new weapon. It controls your mind. Destroys your fucking body.
Enslavement by any means. I've found your weakness in dreams. I hurl your bodies at rocks. I watch you dissipate.
Mind slaver. Our savior. Slayer.
Track Name: Eaters of Scorpions
Additional Vocals:
Aaron Butkus
Vinny Calandra
Mihir Patel

A spectator of life.
A collector of feelings.
These thoughts are your weakest instincts.
Life and death have no meaning.
The quest for wealth has over shadowed living.
No deeds remembered, no respect gained.
In life you were nothing, as you are in the fucking grave.
You must not be forgotten.

They're not living at all.

While the wide awake witness the demise of a shattered race we call mankind.

Death comes to all. Leave your mark.

Without "salvation" how can you leave your mark?
No ties no legacy. Just a wasted life. A failure in every fathers eyes.
Track Name: Horizons End
Additional Vocals:
Peter Morcey
Kenny Kalanick

This culture is a fucking disease. the beast set upon the earth. in order to save it all, we must kill them all. every last one. kill them all, every fucking one. we are not humanity. we are not the chosen race. certain death the only outcome. extinction our only fate. destroy ourselves or destroy the world. rest in peace or burn in fire. victims of the abomination. a nightmare of our own creation. kill them all. every fucking one. let them fucking burn. TOTAL. HUMAN. ANNIHILATION. NOW.
Track Name: Death Awaits
Written and Spoken by Max Morton

Blood and Honour
We march onwards into the black
Saluting hells victory
Angel blood floods the wasteland scapes.
We raise our fists in the air for one final time
Before we cross over to the other side.
Hail death! We embrace the unknown.
Fuck your world, it's time has come.
The pack has taken The Oath.
Tyrants of the underworld: rebel souls.
Anti-Christ. The eye open as does the Earth.
This is genocide.
This is the cleanse you've been waiting for.
All shall burn.
Death Awaits.