Black Sun Zenith

from by Jagged Visions



Additional Vocals:
Sean Niland
Kenny Kalanick
Gregory Thomas

The beast struggles for its breath.
Denying death, blood fills the lungs.
Defy the madness of the end.
Exhume the soul of man.
Black sun zenith.
Entombed within flesh.
Bitter dusk reveals the crypt of dawn.
Blood of earth, blood of sky.
Three were formed, the third divine.
Golden kings to rule savage hands.
Strength unleashed on untamed lands.
Bloodworms born within ocean deep, fire forged veins.
Iron roots, dormant seeds.
Eternal life guaranteed.
Claw of the bear, fang of the wolf.
Mind of the gods, blood soaked earth.
Black sun zenith.
I sit on a throne of bone and blood.
Carved out of every traitor in my wake.


from Black Sun Zenith, released July 28, 2016


all rights reserved