Eaters of Scorpions

from by Jagged Visions



Additional Vocals:
Aaron Butkus
Vinny Calandra
Mihir Patel

A spectator of life.
A collector of feelings.
These thoughts are your weakest instincts.
Life and death have no meaning.
The quest for wealth has over shadowed living.
No deeds remembered, no respect gained.
In life you were nothing, as you are in the fucking grave.
You must not be forgotten.

They're not living at all.

While the wide awake witness the demise of a shattered race we call mankind.

Death comes to all. Leave your mark.

Without "salvation" how can you leave your mark?
No ties no legacy. Just a wasted life. A failure in every fathers eyes.


from Black Sun Zenith, released July 28, 2016


all rights reserved