Gods of Filth

from by Jagged Visions



Additional Vocals:
Dan Longo
Jonathan Lhaubouet
MC Johnny Wae

The enemy is the one who controls
What you see and what you read.
Corrupting moral values
But they haven't deceived me.
My eyes stay open because my souls not stolen.
I'll scream the truth until my throat burst open.
Comfort keeps the mind defeated.
Consumption keeps you bleeding.
Who's in control behind the scenes?
Who's in control of your dreams?
Gods of filth. Destroyers of creativity.

The serpents nest lays within the coin. Lies within the coin.
To defeat them we must live outside the illusion, crush the lies. Reject the filth and the shackles will fade.
Gods of filth, your time has come to burn.
Gods of filth your time has come. Burn the serpents within the coin.


from Black Sun Zenith, released July 28, 2016


all rights reserved