Mind Slaver

from by Jagged Visions



Additional Vocals:
Paul Thorstenson
Jay Petagine
Kiel Van
Kenny Kalanick
Ryan White

Strap your face to the God box. Work a never-ending shift and die at your desk. I dance to your recorded conversations and hurl insults at you from my subterranean world. Shove a fork in both eyes and set fire to your brain, smear the ashes on a mirror, cut it up like cocaine. We get high on your pain. We celebrate your tragedy insulted by anonymity, but you can't hide from me.
Inject your life's blood into the abyss
We laugh as you pull back the syringe
And your life...
His guillotine (fails) will bleed them weak. (twitching) With them dies your never ending lie (fails). twitching. A living prison. A wireless slave. A whore to the screen.
Strangle the mind.
Something plugged in my ear. A Ceti eels what I fear. (Slaver) It was a mind slaver. Mind slaver. Head check your behavior.
Overstimulation. A new weapon. It controls your mind. Destroys your fucking body.
Enslavement by any means. I've found your weakness in dreams. I hurl your bodies at rocks. I watch you dissipate.
Mind slaver. Our savior. Slayer.


from Black Sun Zenith, released July 28, 2016


all rights reserved