Modern War​/​Ancient Objectives

from by Jagged Visions



The wheel of fire, gate way to the golden path. Covered in our enemy's blood, we embrace glorious death. 
Blood to earth, golden rebirth
Shield to sword, no remorse 
Death, death and bloodshed, 
show no mercy. 
Imprisoned within flesh.
Caged within the mind. 
Our thoughts can decimate prisons. 
Use our will to be set free. 
Freedom of our soul.
To pervert, suppress: 
the serpents goal. 
Bloodshed, well slaughter these rats. 
Shield and sword our reality
Death. Death and bloodshed.
Show no mercy. 
The wheel of fire, gateway to the golden path. Covered in our enemies blood, we embrace death.
Our disgust is carved on our eyes. Our hatred a storm in our hearts. Crush the scum beneath our boots, severe their filth from our earth. 


from Eternal Order of the Golden Sun, released November 29, 2016


all rights reserved